Baba Sehgal’s New Song Might Be Tacky But It’s Also Hilarious!

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7:22 pm 11 Dec, 2015

There’s something about Baba Sehgal – you can ROFL, you can feel sick but you just cannot ignore. And this time, he is inviting you to Goa.

We can’t help but wonder if he’s the new brand ambassador for Goa:



Look how he is luring you with those bikini clad firangs: 

bab sehgal


Just so you know how much fun he’s having dancing next to this hot babe:

baba sehgal


If you are volunteering to edit his videos, I am sure you are not a 90’s kid. You know nothing about Baba.


And Baba does not want to move on.

Only this time, it’s ‘Thanda thanda paani in Goa’

Jealous? Then join him!


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