From Auto-Rickshaw Driver To A Pilot – This Man Is An Inspiration

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8:30 pm 25 Jan, 2016

Nothing is impossible and dreams do come true. Gradually, we are witnessing stories which translate this idea into a possibility.

Shrikant Pantawane from Nagpur, an auto-driver and son of a security guard, started working early in life as a delivery boy to support his family financially. He later became an auto-rickshaw driver to make ends meet.


Shrikant had always dreamed of being a pilot as a child. However, life threw many obstacles in front of him and made him take up a job while he was still in school. As a delivery boy, Shrikant once went to the airport to deliver a parcel.

A chance conversation with a tea-seller made him aware about a scholarship program by DGCA.


This information fuelled a fire in his heart and made him sit for class 12 examinations with all his dedication. After the results, he joined a flight school in Madhya Pradesh. However, his dreams didn’t take flight just then.

He faced another major hurdle in his way – the English language barrier. However, with the passion in his heart, Shrikant nailed it with the help of his friends and bagged the commercial pilot license.


Unfortunately, Shrikant’s determination was still to be tested. A global recession in the aviation industry forced Shrikant to work as an executive in a company to provide financial support to his family for two months – until one day:

Shrikant’s patience and perseverance paid off, he received a call from Indigo Airlines and was offered a First Officer position as a pack of its pilots.


From being behind the three wheels of an auto to taking off a flight from the runway, Shrikant’s passion and dedication is an inspiration to people who give up in fear of failure.


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