Police Nabs Woman Who Allegedly Molested An Auto Driver In Delhi

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7:05 pm 16 Jul, 2015

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested after an autorickshaw driver complained that she forcibly tried to have sex with him, reports Indian Express.

Driver Umesh Prasad, 41, alleged that a woman, Renu Lalwani, hired his autorickshaw on Wednesday afternoon in Saket in south Delhi and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar, about seven kilometres away.

At Arjun Nagar, she invited the driver to her flat on the pretext of paying him. After offering him drinking water, Lalwani suddenly locked the doors from inside and sought sexual favours from the driver, which he refused.

According to the police, the woman offered him wine which he refused to take. “She forced herself on him, tore his clothes and kissed him while her room-mate filmed the whole incident,” the police said.


india today

india today

The driver jumped out of the first- floor balcony as soon as he got the chance and fractured his foot. Police said they had arrested Lalwani and were looking for the foreigner, identified only as Hitija.

Four badges and as many driving licenses of auto drivers were recovered from Lalwani. Police believe the women may have similarly trapped other drivers .


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