Two Australian Mates Pulled Off The Most Dangerous Prank In Human History

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6:02 pm 4 Nov, 2016

North Korea is truly the modern world’s Hermit Kingdom otherwise two Australian blokes wouldn’t have been able to fool the reclusive yet dangerous nation so easily.

If the version of Evan Shay and Morgan Ruig, both 28 and businessmen from Brisbane, is to be believed, they have scripted the greatest feat in human infiltration history and the riskiest prank ever.

The two guys entered North Korea posing as golfers (which they were definitely not), fooled the organisers and all the North Korean authorities (who are experts in snooping), and left the country without anyone getting a hint of their real identities.

North Korea is a country where anyone caught trying to cheat the government will either end his life in a dark cell or be executed.

Both Shay and Ruig knew this very well and yet decided to take that risk of practically infiltrating North Korea.

The businessmen, who play polo for sport, were in Beijing when they came across an opportunity to participate in an international golf tournament in North Korea.

They were amazed that their application was accepted by the organisers who thought that they are members of the Australian golf team.

And all they had to do to convince the Kim’s men that they were bona fide Aussie players was to don the green blazer bearing a logo of ‘Polo and Golf Grand Slam Tour The Orient 2016’.

“We were very nervous handing our passports over at the border. There are stories of people not coming home,” Ruig told reporters.

The men participated in the event, which was attended by 85 participants from all over the world. Of course, being tyros before the professionals they were the most miserable of the lot coming in second from last.

The shocking thing is that no one in a country where officials shadow every foreigner discovered their true identities. Instead the duo got five-star treatment and were chaperoned throughout their five-day trip.

They also placed a bouquet at the monument to Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il, grandfather and father, respectively, of the current Supreme Leader.

Ruig said that their North Korean caddy, a female, was so disappointed with their performance that she remarked they brought “great shame” to their families.

The duo backed up their claim with videos and photos from North Korea.

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