After US, Indian Twins Set To Conquer Spelling Bee In Australia

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7:00 pm 2 Sep, 2015

While many Indian American kids have taken US Spelling Bee by storm in the past few years, two 9-year-olds are making their presence felt in the first edition of ‘The Great Australian Spelling Bee’.


With a vocabulary of nearly 50,000 words, twins Harpita and Harpith have not even turned 9 yet but the duo have managed to reach the final 12 spots in a competition which has kids participating from all over Australia.

Popular with the Australian audience, the Tamil Nadu-born twins are not only known for their spelling talents,  but also their attitude and confidence, which is their charm Down Under.

In a recent interview with NDTV, the twins were seen giving a impromptu spelling test, which they not only cleared with flying colours but, at times, even corrected the pronunciation of the reporter who was interviewing them.


Their proud parents, Pandian Annamalai and Lakshmi Priya, moved to Oz back in 2007.

Talking about the twins, their mother said that they had put absolutely no pressure on them and that they spent just 30 minutes a day practising spelling.

The twins went head-to-head against each other in the latest round, something that they had never done before.


The round ended up going into a tie-beaker with Harpita going through to the final after brother Harpit spelt  ‘toponym’ as ‘topponim’.

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