Do You Know What Mannequin Challenge Is? This Is How Hilariously Indians Are Doing It

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5:59 pm 28 Nov, 2016

Besides the ever-growing talk about demonetisation, there has been another upcoming trend on social media which has been going viral these days, the concept of mannequin challenge.

The internet is currently flooded with video posts about the ‘mannequin challenge’ where people and celebrities are seen in frame freeze (like a mannequin) while the video is being recorded.



Though the concept has not yet picked up in India, a creative youtube channel ‘Be YouNick‘ or BYN has found an innovative way to combine the viral concept of demonetization and the mannequin challenge and come up with a hilarious video explaining how the youth of India is celebrating the concept of demonetization.

The video innovatively captures people from different walks of life standing in a queue outside an ATM.

Interestingly, even as they stand still outside the ATM, their every move, mood and sentiment are amazingly captured in a single frame.


Be it youngsters taking selfies with the new Rs. 2000 note, or the viral concept of  scribbling ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ on a note, the video has it all.


Here is what they did,


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