Faulty ATM in Rajasthan Dispenses Five Times the Requested Amount

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9:27 am 18 Dec, 2015

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but what would you do if your ATM gives you five times extra money than requested.

An ATM of a private bank dispensed five times extra currency notes without deducting the additional amount from the card holder by mistake at Ajitgarh town of Sikar district (Rajasthan).

Unbelievable? But, it’s true.


Following the news, dozens of people gathered around the Axis Bank ATM to withdraw their money.

But, as soon as the police got to know about it, the bonanza was over. The police locked the ATM and deputed a constable to keep the users at bay.

“We got to know that a huge crowd of people had gathered outside the Axis Bank’s ATM in Ajitgarh town. Suspecting that it might turn into a law and order situation, I went there with a police team,” said Ajitgarh SHO Surendra Singh.



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Within no time, a technical team from the bank reached the ATM.

“By that time, many people had withdrawn money. We informed the bank officials and  locked the ATM’s cabin and deputed a constable,” said the officer.

The spokesperson of the bank said that the incident occurred on account of erroneous loading of currency notes by an agency to which the task was outsourced.

“Neither the bank nor its customers would be required to bear any loss as a result of the incident,” the spokesperson added.


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