20-Year-Old National-Level Athlete Drowns While Trying To Click A Selfie

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3:34 pm 31 Jul, 2016

In a tragic incident, a national level athlete Pooja Kumari died on July 30, after accidentally slipping and drowning in a pond.


Pooja, who was 20-years old, is said to have been taking selfies near the pond, when the incident took place.


The pond is located behind Sports Authority of India (SAI) centre in Bhopal, where Pooja was staying for last three years.

According ASI Sunil Dubey, Pooja had gone behind the SAI cricket ground with her two friends and was clicking selfies with them.

During the process, she slipped and fell inside the pond which serves as a water harvesting plant.

According to reports, Pooja didn’t know how to swim and hence started screaming for help.

Her two friends tried to help her but didn’t know how to swim them self, they thus ran back to SAI hostel to fetch someone. 

They came back within few minutes later, but by that time it was too late and Pooja had drowned.


Pooja was a national level steeplechase runner and belonged to Uttarakhand.

She is said to be one of the top steeplechase runners in SAI Centre and had won ‘Madhya Pradesh State’ several times.


Representational Image Indian Express

Representational Image Indian Express

The Bhopal Police has taken up the matter, and is now questioning SAI authorities regarding details of the death.

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