11 Pictures Showing The Devastation Of Assam Caused By The Floods

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7:47 pm 7 Sep, 2015

Assam has been hit by a second wave of floods this year, with the death toll reaching 41. The flood has affected around 18 lakh people in the state and over 2.26 lakh of them are in relief camps.

Here, the pictures show the devastation caused by the flood:



The Hindu

People move to safer places after their homes were inundated by the flood     The Hindu



The Hindu

The Brahmaputra river and its tributaries are flowing above danger mark, forcing many to leave their homes The Hindu



The Hindu

A family in a relief camp                                                                    The Hindu



Indian Express

A woman uses a raft made of banana tree trunks in Morigaon district to cross the flooded area Indian Express



Indian Express

A flood affected family travel on a boat to a safer area in Murkata village Indian Express



Indian Express

A forest guard keeps vigil in the flood affected Pobitora wildlife sanctuary Indian Express



New Indian Express

Rescue and relief operation in progress in Dibrugarh New Indian Express



New Indian Express

Waterlogging on the flood affected road in Dibrugarh New Indian Express



The quint

Homes submerged in Borpeta district The quint



The quint

Hungry and homeless, both people and livestock  The quint



The quint

In Nalbari district, the road hasd turned into waterway  The quint


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