Asian Games Gold Medalist Sarwan Singh Made India Proud, Yet Got Nothing In Return

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5:15 pm 27 Sep, 2016

While we all know about Milkha Singh and PT Usha in India, there are many other Indian athletes who lay forgotten despite the fact that they have won India many laurels in the field of Sports.

One such names is that of athlete Sarwan Singh, who in 1954 represented India at the Asian Games for the 110 meters hurdles event.


While it was Singh’s first international event, all he cared for that time was to win the Asiad Gold for India.

As the starter gun was fired, Singh bolted through the tracks and flew over the hurdles.

It took him just 14.7 seconds to finish the race, but those few seconds were the best time of his life.

The event not only won him Gold, which over the years became his precious treasure, but he also felt proud to have won India Gold at the Prestigious Asian Games event.

While he felt proud to have achieved such high, fate had different plans in store for him as the gold medal didn’t even get him a job and proved to be just a useless piece of metal.


His medal not only failed to “impress” the authorities, but the Asiad accomplishment didn’t even get him a government job which even a national sports representative is offered.

Singh’s condition soon became so bad, that he was reduced to begging for survival with none of the government officials even caring about his whereabouts.

Looking at his plight, a friend rented out his cab to Sarwan, who then drove that to pay his friend back and support his family.

Singh, who was once a proud athlete who won India Gold, was reduced to being a taxi driver who was even unable to properly feed his family.

Singh felt life had played a cruel joke on him as he drove the taxi for nearly 20 years. He worked far away from his hometown, family, and friends so as not to run into them.


The plight also ensured that never again ran or flew over the hurdles and the gold medal which was his most precious treasure no longer held his envy.

At the age of 70, Singh couldn’t even walk properly and yet he was forced to work or depend on others for his daily living. The dire situation became so bad that he was even forced him to sell his Asiad gold so as to make ends meet and feed his family.

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