This Is How Ashwin Took Sportsmanship To New Heights By Avoiding A Twitter War With Harbhajan

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12:15 pm 18 Oct, 2016

India defeated New Zealand in the Test series and R. Ashwin came out as a star after taking the maximum number of wickets. But while Team India’s fans were celebrating this win, Harbhajan wasn’t pleased by it at all.


Bhajji first tweeted about the pitch:


After Ashwin played a major role in this win with his 13/40 figure, Harbhajan’s tweets were indirectly pointed at him:


As Bhaji’s tweets went viral, Ashwin’s fans started criticizing him for being jealous of Ashwin’s success.

And then there was a hate tweet against Harbhajan that Ashwin also liked!


But Ashwin quickly cleared the air by calling Harbhajan an inspiration for him.


Though a fan raised a question about Ashwin liking that hate tweet against Harbhajan:


But Ashwin called it a clear mistake:


He again posted a positive tweet to settle down the matter:


It was important to speak about the matter and hence Harbhajan too responded to Ashwin’s tweet:


Ashwin’s true sportsmanship has been proven with his replies. So finally, everything is alright between both the cricketers! What do you think about Ashwin’s reply? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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