Of Course Indian Men Are On Ashley Madison In High Numbers, But So Are Women

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7:44 pm 25 Aug, 2015

The Ashley Madison hack has revealed secrets no one wanted to leave their closets. The hack has affected lives across the world and has put fear in the hearts of ‘gentlemen’.

The hackers have gained access to around 300 million users of Ashley Madison.

The details include e-mail IDs, credit card information and salacious chats. The worse part? Hackers are releasing this info.


Ashley Madison


Should this worry our ‘pure’ Indian men? Of course!

Spanish firm Tecnilogica released an interactive map titled ‘Malfideleco’ that shows the number of adulterers in India. Not surprisingly, Delhi tops cities with the highest concentration of males who opened an account on the site.

Here is a quick breakdown:

Delhi – 38,620 users

Mumbai – 32,888

Chennai – 16,355

Bengaluru – 16,267

Hyderabad – 12,548

Kolkata – 11,751

Pune – 9,738

But the interactive chart also reveals another interesting point – India is one of the few countries with a high ratio of women users as compared to males.




‘Malfideleco’ tells us that the cities marked in red are where the percentage of men on the site is more than 85; those in yellow have below that number.

The entire map can be accessed here.

Ashley Madison is a website that acts as a network for those wanting to cheat on their spouses. Founded in 2001, the site claims that it has 37 million users around the world.

It has been in a number of controversies in the past.

A particular allegation against Ashley Madison is that the female profiles on the site are fake.

This came to light when a former employee of the company filed a $20 million lawsuit claiming she damaged her wrists typing and creating fake profiles.

Ashley Madison’s slogan was indeed very…umm…enticing:

“Life is short. Have an affair.”

But a fling may have just cost everyone dear.


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