Arun Jaitley Lauds Parsis For Their ‘Different Mindset’ Despite Being A Minority

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10:59 pm 19 Mar, 2016

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley lauded India’s smallest minority community, the Parsi, for never regarding themselves as such.

He said that the Parsi “mindset” has allowed them to emerge as a “role model” for others. (3)

Calling the community “liberal and large-hearted”, Jaitley lauded them for their contribution in diverse fields.



Speaking at an event organised by the ministries of Minority Affairs and Culture on March 19, Jaitley said :

“I think what stands out is the fact that the smallest minority in India has really never felt that it is a minority. It has never regarded itself as a minority. It is this mindset that has enabled it to be, in many standards, the role model for the rest of the country.”

Parsis had initially come to India from Iran under somewhat adverse circumstances. But despite that, Jaitely noted, the community was able to preserve their culture and exhibit an ability and drive to reach the top in whichever industry they chose.


Iranshah Atash Behram Fire Temple at Udvada. Gujarat Tourism

Iranshah Atash Behram Fire Temple at Udvada. Gujarat Tourism

Jaitley then went on to propose that the small town of Udvada, Gujarat, where the Parsis had initially landed centuries ago, should be developed as a global cultural centre. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken many initiatives to develop the town.


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