To Tackle Terrorists And Keep Soldiers Safe, Army Orders 250 Mine Proof Vehicles

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12:20 pm 4 Oct, 2016

Strengthing their ground forces, the Indian Army recently placed an order for nearly 250 Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) which will help them tackle terrorists.

This is one of the biggest orders ever placed by the Indian Army and once delivered these would be routinely spotted in Jammu and Kashmir and the states in North Eastern (NE) India.


These MVP’s will help secure troops from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), explosion and gunfire.

An order of such amount would be extremely helpful to the Indian Army, especially at a time when the armed forces at a higher risk level.


These MPVs can carry up to a dozen fully armed personnel at one go and has provision for gun sights along with bullet proof glass.

With these, they even take on targets outside while they are in a comparatively protected area. These vehicles also have provision to install a rotating heavier gun on top of the vehicle which can help them take on higher number or targets in one go.

These MPVs will also help them move cross-country across most terrain even while taking fire and hitting back at the terrorists.


According to reports an order for acquisition of these MPV’s has been placed with the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ), and the delivery for these vehicles will begin by 2018.

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