Maj Gen G.D. Bakshi Cries On Live TV While Arguing In Favour Of Hoisting Tiranga

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12:00 pm 19 Feb, 2016

Major General (Retd) G.D. Bakshi is a celebrated veteran of the Indian Army and a face that you might see on the panel of the ‘Newshour Debate’ hosted by Arnab Goswami during discussions on national security, sentiments and strategic affairs.



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Yesterday was one such evening, where the panelists were debating the Union Government’s decision to pass an order asking all Central Universities to compulsorily hoist the tricolour on a 200-feet mast in their respective campus.

What happened during the debate is not only heart breaking but also serves as a reminder to those who in the name of rights are blindly supporting the pro-Afzal lobby and some ‘anti-nationals’ where to draw the line.

Maj Gen Bakshi broke down while arguing with Supreme Court advocate Shabnam Lone over the “timing” of the Central Government order.

The retired army officer told those in the panel questioning the “timing” that such a point is useless because the tricolour is a national honour that must be respected by all Indians.

In an emotional outburst, the veteran army man reminded that soldiers have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the tricolour and it is disheartening to hear so many voices questioning the hoisting itself by making the order’s timing an issue.

“I took an oath that wherever I am told to go – whether via land, sea or air – I’ll go. If I have to die, I’ll die. I have seen many people die, and I request you with folded hands to please respect our jawans who have laid down their lives. You cannot give them anything; they died for the flag. Respect them.”

“This is not a theory for me. I am sad to see that we soldiers have been left alone to cry,” he said.

Watch him speak:



He later posted this on his Facebook page.

One often dismisses the ‘Newshour Debate’ as an overhyped, TRP-hungry farce hosted by an ever-angry Goswami. But this does not mean that we can ignore Maj Gen G.D. Bakshi’s pain over the manner in which the self-proclaimed liberal intelligentsia backed by power-hungry and vote-bank centric political parties is insulting the memories of those who died for India.

Do you stand with Major General Bakshi?

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