Indian Army’s Operation ‘Shatrujeet’ Is The Reason Why Enemies Fear Us

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10:07 am 15 Apr, 2016

As per a report in a leading English daily, the Indian Army is conducting a massive exercise, codenamed “Shatrujeet”, in the Thar desert, along the Pakistan border.

The strategy – part of the Cold Start doctrine – will enable the Army to swiftly mobilise and hit hard with multiple conventional military strikes across the Pakistan border.

T-90 tanks in action iadnews

T-90 tanks in action. The Indian army operates more than 500 T-90 tanks designed by Russia’s Uralvagonzavod iadnews

According to defence sources, several armoured, artillery and infantry formations have been mobilised for the high-tempo operations conducted under a simulated nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) warfare environment.

At the forefront of the exercise is Mathura-based 1 Corps, one of the three principle `strike corps’ of the 1.18 million strong Army. It also includes `offensive elements’ of the `pivot corps’ under the South Western Command headquartered at Jaipur.



It will include major airborne operations, including para-dropping of 2,000-3,000 soldiers behind ‘enemy’ lines.

The intense offensive manoeuvres will be backed by long-range artillery and the Air Force.

In combat operations, airborne assaults are almost always at night

In combat operations, airborne assaults are almost always at night

Despite the fact that Pakistan has in its arsenal, the Nasr (Hatf-IX) BSRBM – a 60-120 km range missile – to counter India’s Cold Start and limited war strategy, the Indian forces remain unfazed.



The Army initiated the Cold Start doctrine since it took a month for its strike formations to be forward mobilised under Operation Parakram in the aftermath of the terror attack on Parliament in 2001. However, by then, Pakistan had managed to shore up its defences.

As a result, the Army has been systematically building its capabilities to undertake mobilisation and cross-border strikes within three to four days, backed by proper logistics and reinforcements to sustain the momentum.

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