Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag Urges People To Send Their Daughters To The Army

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5:08 pm 27 Dec, 2015

Army chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag, who was visiting his native village Bishan in Haryana’s Jhajjar district, sent out an appeal that people should send their daughters to fight for the country.


General Suhag, who became India’s 26th Army Chief in July last year was visiting his village for the first time after becoming the Army Chief.


General Suhag, who commands an army of 1.3 million soldiers while addressing a gathering said:

“Give your daughters the best education and opportunities that are at par with boys to prepare them as future soldiers of the country, I want maximum girls to join the armed forces.”

On his arrival, General Suhag received a rousing reception by the villagers and he too followed old customs and foremost sought the blessings from his clan deity.

After seeking the God’s blessings, he went on to address the students at the local government school, where he had completed his primary education.

Giving a motivating speech at the school, Suhag encouraged the students that if he could become an army chief after studying under the trees in Bishan, so could they and achieve anything they want.


Besides asking the families to get their daughters educated and to encourage them to join the army, Suhag also said that he wants to see more defence officers from the village on General rank.

To encourage them further, he also announced that during his lifetime he will institute two scholarships of Rs 2,100 each. The schloarship in turn would be given to the meritorious students of the school every year.

The respect that General Suhag got was also shared by his parents Ram Phal Suhag and Ishri Devi who shared the stage with him and where the army chief gave them complete credit for his success.

Honoured to have received such respect and love from his native village, Suhag said he was not only elated, but had never received such elation since his promotion last year.


Reminiscing his childhood days he said that even after serving the Army for 42 years, he had never forgotten the time he spent at the village and recalled the time he was a fitness freak who used to help in irrigating fields, harvesting crops and even feeding livestock at his house.

He was then honoured by the villagers with a traditional turban, while his wife was presented with a shawl.

Suhag’s village Bishan, though small with population of just 2,000 people, is known as ‘Faujiyan ka gaon’ (village of soldiers) in Jhajjar as it has the largest number of soldiers in the armed force (400), that is one in every house with the solider either serving the Army or being a pensioner.

General Suhag too is a third generation Army officer in his family.


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