Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Social Experiment’ Revealed The Ugliest Side Of Journalism

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3:12 pm 26 Aug, 2015

With arrival of Internet and social media, people’s patience for anything has diminished and news is no exception.

While people’s lack of patience now motivates them to move to a different source if one is inapt, the desperation of news providers has pushed many to a place where they now thrive to be ‘The First’.

The desperation of media made them fall into a trap set by Bollywood director Anurag Kashayap.

Kashyap conducted a social experiment highlighting the fact that the media no longer cares to verify the story before broadcasting or publishing it.

As part of the first step of his experiment, Kashyap posted a picture of himself, sporting an eye injury on his Instagram page.

The picture managed to attract a lot of attention, and Kashyap moved to step two of the experiment and soon posted a second picture:

With the experiment set in motion, all that Kashyap had do was sit back and observe how media’s reaction to his two Instagram posts.

While “Get well soon” wishes started pouring in for Kashyap, media ate everything that Kashyap served to them. Many leading news channels and portals started writing and publishing news about Kashyap’s injury based on just the two Instagram pictures and nothing more.


Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

While the online news was busy writing the story and capitalizing on it ASAP, Kashyap kept an ‘eye’ on the development.

After waiting for a day, Kashyap posted a status on his Facebook profile, revealing his plan.

He exposed how the media doesn’t even check facts, forget about verifying the news with any source.


Facebook- Anurag Kashyap

Facebook- Anurag Kashyap

While leading names like NDTV were quick to remove their posts, the damage was done.


While we were not in the list of few who did fall into his trap, we do appreciate Mr. Kashyap for conducting this worthy social experiment. We hope the media houses have learnt an important lesson from this.

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