Now A Passenger Gets Attacked In A Uber Cab In Bengaluru. When Will Enough Be Enough?

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6:44 pm 19 Sep, 2015

It was just last week that the Uber cab rape victim suddenly retracted her case against the multinational company without any proper explanation.

While we still don’t know why the case was suddenly retracted, but we are now certain that Uber has not learnt anything from the case as yet another passenger was attacked by a Uber cab driver this past Thursday. The incident took place in India’s Garden City, Bengaluru, on September 17.

At around 7:30 pm, Dr Megha Bhola was returning home along with her cousin Sagar. The cab was to drop Megha first and then continue onwards to drop Sagar. The cab driver had been informed before they boarded the cab.

A few minutes into the trip, the driver started arguing with his passengers that he won’t drop them at two different locations.

About half-a-kilometre from their first destination, the driver just ended the trip denying them the service.



Facebook-Megha Bhola

He then proceeded to get off the car and started arguing and abusing his passengers on the road. The situation only escalated further when he started physically attacking Sagar.

Megha tried to intervene, but the driver attacked her too.

She posted her ordeal on Facebook.




An FIR has been lodged. While the above incident was not the first time that a passenger has been attacked by their own cab driver, Uber still appears to have not learnt anything from such incidences.

After an NRI passenger was physically abused and then raped by her taxi driver in a Uber cab in December last year, the Delhi government had proceeded to ban the cab service in the national capital, a decision which they upheld on September 15 this year when they rejected Uber’s application for licence to run its taxis.

While many might take Delhi to be an one off area were Uber cabs are banned, they might want to see the map below to know that it is not the first (and probably not the last place) where the cab service is in trouble.


Karnataka had mulled banning Uber but the cab service continues to operate in the state.

While one might blame just the cab drivers for Uber’s bad reputation, one cannot deny that the Uber management is yet to take concrete measures towards ensuring the safety and security of the passengers.

Last year Uber’s Senior executives had said some very destructive things about women and journalists to which Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to later come out and apologise.

Things got even worse for them when earlier this year, UN Women ended a partnership with the company just a few weeks after announcing it.  The reason being it?, Because Uber’s so called SOS app failed to protect women.

While there are many more cases (legal or otherwise) that involves Uber, it seems the company is in no mood to improve and work especially women and passengers safety.

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