This Is The Most Illogical Ad Ever Made, And It Stars Annu Kapoor

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11:31 am 20 Feb, 2016

Imagine this: Annu Kapoor is on the screen telling you with a very straight face not to drink and drive.

You listen because Kapoor is a talented actor and is delivering a serious message.

Then this happens:


That is not all. Kapoor sahib also tells you to donate blood and respect your parents – social messages, both. But again, this follows each message:


You can be forgiven for losing your temper:


Adharmi 2


Brands can go to any length to put their product in the hands of the customer. Sometimes they take the highway of applause-worthy creativity; at others they take the sewer that leads to the mire full of muck.

But in their quest for creativity, Rajshri Pan Masala appears to have taken a route that runs parallel to the highest ‘Dafauqq’ level. And, trapped with them on that route is the talented Annu Kapoor.

Yes, all three ads carry relevant social messages, but how can anyone connect it to a pan masala’s slogan ‘Swad Mein Soch Hai’?

So, by the logic of Rajshri pan masala, how should we avoid road accidents?



And here is that ad:



Albert Einstein


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