These 11 Animals Can Keep A Relationship Going Longer Than Most Humans

2:00 pm 15 Mar, 2016

It is said when it comes to true fidelity, many other animals offer better examples of how to keep a relationship together than humans. Find below some of the animals that are monogamous and form lifelong pair bonds that are generally rare in the animal kingdom.


1. Turtle Doves

Turtle doves are also known as mourning doves or rain doves. The love between two turtle doves is so faithful, so fascinating that it even inspired Shakespeare and made him to come up with the poem ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’ putting the doves as main subject of the poem.

Mate for life


2. Swans


3. Black Vultures


4. Albatrosses

An albatross flies great distances over the oceans, but despite its extensive travels, this bird will always return to the same place and same partner when it’s time to breed. It is also said that an albatross only lays one egg each year, so it’s important that it chooses the best partner to raise its limited number of chicks.


5. Bald Eagles


6. Gibbons

Mate for life


7. French Angelfish


8. Wolves


9. Termites


10. Prairie Voles


11. Schistosoma Mansoni Worms


Credit: Mother Nature Network

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