Your Anger At The German Prof For Rejecting An Indian Applicant Is Misplaced

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9:00 pm 10 Mar, 2015

You have by now read about the case of the Indian student who was rejected by a German university simply because he belonged to a “country of rapists”. In case you have been living in a cave, allow us to bring you up-to-date.

A question on Quora triggered off an avalanche of a controversy when it came to light that a professor of Germany’s Leipzig University rejected an Indian applicant on the ground that India is a leader in crimes related to women.

Such was the furore that the German ambassador to India, Michael Steiner, shot a strongly-worded letter to the professor asking her to learn about Indian culture before making such generalizations.

Happy? We shouldn’t be, because it is something that every female professor in Germany is practicing, as was affirmed in one of the mails exchanged with the rejected applicant.

But as much as we directed our anger at the ignoramus German professor for her understanding of India, a part of it should be directed at ourselves, too.

How many of us actually oppose crimes against women?

(By “actually oppose”, we mean fight to protect a woman or interfere when a woman is being molested or eve teased, while we continue with our daily lives.)

How many of us (women included) do not protest marital rape or domestic violence?

Why do we not tell film-makers to stop making those item numbers, where the obvious objective is to present a woman like meat before a dog?

And, do many men in India not enjoy the bullshit passed on in the name of music by Yo Yo Honey Singh and the likes of him?

Think about it. It is high time you do because that German professor is not alone in her understanding of Indian men.

Rape Protest

Piyal Adhikary/European Pressphoto Agency

It is time we clean the dirt in our country and become better human beings than just lash out at an outsider for their views.


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