Google Names Next Android Version ‘Nougat’; Indian Sweet ‘Nankatai’ Misses The Cut

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3:31 pm 1 Jul, 2016

Google unveiled the name of Android 7.0 on June 30. It will be called ‘Nougat’, which is a Spanish sweet made with sugar, roasted nuts, egg whites, and some chopped candied fruit.


Candy About

Spanish sweet Nougat. Candy About

Google for many years has been following a pattern of naming their Android platform after sweets.

Google follows an alphabetical naming system for Android. It began with the letter ‘C’ and over the years people have even made the game of guessing what the next version would be called.

Various Android Versions. BV02

Various Android Versions. BV02

For Android ‘N’ platform, people were asked to give suggestions and millions came up with names such as ‘Nutella’ and even ‘Nachos’.

While Nutella and New York Cheesecake were on the top of the list for suggestions, their Indian counterpart Nankatai too was in a shortlist. A group even petitioned Sundar Pichai  to name it Nankatai or Neyyappam, two Indian sweets from the South.


In the end, none of the top suggested names made the cut and the company went with Nougat, which in case you are wondering is pronounced asˈnuːɡɑː’.


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