Andrew Jones Has An Artificial Heart And Still Works Out Daily With Intense Passion

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3:37 pm 27 Jul, 2016

Andrew Jones, a bodybuilder, suffered heart failure at the age of 26 and now he is fitted with an artificial heart and carries a pump in a backpack. His symptoms became visible in 2012 when he found himself struggling for breath during a run. Gradually, his health deteriorated and two years later, he started to cough up blood and was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy.

Cardiomyopathy is a grave condition that affects the shape of the heart which results in reducing its ability to pump blood.



As the disease progressed, Jones was not able to stand, walk or dress. Suffering from severe physical pain, he had no choice  but to leave his job. Seeing his condition getting worse with every passing day, doctors advised him to have a transplant immediately else he would die. Initially, there were no organs available, so he was fitted with a Pacemaker.

Later, he went for a transplant and an artificial heart; the two tubes that exit his body were connected to a machine which he carries around in a bag. The machine delivers compressed air into the ventricles to allow blood to be pumped through the body.

His recovery was slow but steady and now, he is back to his training.



He told the DailyMail:

“I tried my hardest to push through the shortness of breath, but I just could not train without my heart functioning properly.Today, thanks to my medical devices, I feel like a new person. I am almost back to the old Andrew that was able to train with passion and intensity”

During his stay at the hospital, he realized how grateful he is to have a transplant because they are a lot of unfortunate people who still have no access to good health care.

He has launched his own charity, Hearts at Large, to make people aware about organ donation and has over 14,000 followers on Instagram, @FitnessWithAJ.

People hide their scars but Jones wears his backpack with pride.


Source: Dailymail


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