An Open Letter To My Ex: Thanks For Leaving Me

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5:09 pm 13 Jan, 2016

Dear Ex,

I am writing this letter just to let you know that I have forgiven you. It has been days since you left and I am happy to hear that you found that one special person you always wanted.

But there are many things I want to thank you for. I am thankful that you left, and I am thankful that you made me aware of that one special person whom I always ignored the entire time when I was with you.

And you should know who that special one is.


I was all broken when you left, and life seemed meaningless.


That person picked me up and asked me to move on.

Because that’s what I needed at that time.


We have a good time together now, discovering new things and my forgotten hobbies.

Those hobbies that I gave up to spend more time with you. But, you never deserved that.


We go to places I like. Yes, I shop a lot nowadays and there is no one to stop me from doing that.

I remember how much drama you used to create over my days out


We go for night outs and party together. Guess what? I am still safe!

Because I know how to take care of myself.


I have learned to handle my gadgets alone. I don’t have a tech handicap anymore.

Or I was never handicapped. It was just you who made me feel that.


That special someone makes me eat all my favorite desserts and chocolates.

Because you are not here to stop me. As all that you wanted was a girl with a  good figure and not me.


I feel more comfortable in my clothes now because I wear what I want to.


I am more than happy that I found this special someone. I am now getting attached to this person. This someone was always there for me but was ignored all because of  you. But I thank you for making me aware about the existence of this person. And guess what?

I have fallen in love with this person with whom I am going to spend my entire life. Luckily, this person is not anyone else but me!


Thank You.

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