The Training Mask Used By Big B In ‘Pink’ Has A Special Purpose You Probably Didn’t Know About

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4:45 pm 26 Sep, 2016

‘Pink’ is a significant film in a day and age when women have failed endlessly at seeking justice in court. It was not just  critically-acclaimed, but also commercially accepted because it conveyed a common yet a snubbed message – ‘When a woman says NO, it means you stop’.

In the movie, Amitji who played the role of a retired judge was often seen wearing a training mask. Well, it did add murkiness to the character but generally, this mask is used for a reason. It is an elevation training mask commonly used by athletes during their training programs.  

Virat Kohli uses it too:

When one wears this mask, the breathing rate slows down and makes one feel like they are at a high altitude. Thereby preparing his/her body to survive in such acute situations.

Elevation masks don’t change the pressure of incoming air; all they do is simply reduce the total amount of airflow to the lungs which condition the lungs and strengthen the diaphragm. It further increases the overall lung capacity and oxygen intake.

As Kohli said, “Using the altitude training mask makes the training even harder”. But there is no gain without pain.

Train hard, train smart.  

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