Amitabh Bachchan Questions Why Don’t We Ask Men About Their Virginity

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8:24 pm 17 Sep, 2016

The hard-hitting film ‘Pink’ talks about the appalled experiences that women face every day. With the increase in crime against women, we needed a powerful voice that could alarm rapists and ‘Pink’ is that fierce voice.

During the promotions of the film, Amitabh Bachchan, who plays the role of a retired lawyer, shared his personal experiences and talks about the growing disrespect for women. He shared an insightful instance:

“It’s very embarrassing when we visit abroad and people there say, ‘You are from India, the land of rapes’. I want that to go. I don’t like it when people call us a third world country or developing country.”



He believes that issue of rape is universal:

“We should not say that Mumbai is safer than Delhi or vice versa. We are a country and women should be safe in every part. If an incident occurs in Delhi the whole nation feels bad and gets worried. The issue is about the whole nation or universal.”

We often see people offending girls by asking them inappropriate questions. What if we ask the same questions from boys?

Amitji continued:

 “If girls are asked about their virginity, then boys should also be questioned. There should be no discrimination. If a girl is asked there is always a question mark, as if it is something very wrong, but when it comes to boys, there is an exclamation mark denoting that they have done something great.”

He further added:

“What the film is saying has been a point of discussion for the longest time in our society. We all think about it and the makers have presented it in the form of cinema. We make our films depending on the changes and developments in the society. And the topic raised in the film is already a part of the discussion in the society.”

This film is must-watch for everyone as it embraces the courage and conviction that a woman holds within her.

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