Who’s The Biggest Khan In The Industry? Aamir Khan’s Modest Answer Will Raise His Respect

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1:46 pm 5 Jul, 2016

Bollywood’s perfectionist, Aamir Khan, recently launched the poster of his next, ‘Dangal’. Curiosity for the movie is doing the rounds and people are fascinated by the number of looks he has changed in the movie.


During the launch, Aamir was asked by media who the biggest star in Indian film industry is.


Despite the petty rivalries between the big stars of Bollywood, Aamir replied like a true diplomat and said:

Salman is a bigger star than me. I think Shah Rukh is a bigger star. Amitabh ji is a bigger star. When Salman enters it looks like a big star has entered. When I enter feels like a waiter has entered. No offense to waiters. But I just mean that when I enter it doesn’t feel like a star has entered. So Salman and Shah Rukh are bigger stars than I am.


Well, I don’t believe this was a publicity stunt. What do you think?



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