Meet The Conifer That Grows Only In India But May Not Grow Anywhere If Not Conserved

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7:31 pm 20 Aug, 2016

Also known as Assam catkin yew, Amentotaxus Assamica grows only in India; it is found in three locations in Arunachal Pradesh – Turoo Hills, Delei Valley, and a valley in Dafla Hills.

It was thought that, since China shares adjoining areas in the vicinity, the plant would grow in parts of China too; however, no specimens have been confirmed in China, making the plant India’s special property.

Amentotaxus assamica


The plant needs to be urgently conserved as there has been a noticeable drop in the number of plants due to habitat loss; these plants grow only on temperate, north-facing slopes 1600-2000 m above sea level.

Localized timber businesses, need for firewood, shifting agricultural practices and infrastructural developments like roads and dams have led to the decline in Amentotaxus assamica numbers. Even the plant’s subpopulations have been affected.


Origin: SUNO


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