How Ambani’s Marketing Game Tricked You To Happily Pay Rather More For Your Internet

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9:42 am 3 Sep, 2016

2016 has been a year for the marketers; image sells. With social media out there, it’s now all about how you sell them without them knowing they’ve bought it. And Reliance Jio sold you his million dollar idea yesterday without you knowing how he tricked you in paying exactly the same as you are paying right now- rather more.

While we are busy mocking Airtel, Vodafone and Idea

Ambani must be mocking at us.

Here’s WHY?

Tariff Plans Are Bluff

What looks unbelievably awesome is actually an illusion.

01. Notice the large gaps between their tariff rates. You either choose 150, 500 or 1000.

02. The average revenue rate per user in India is Rs.150. If you choose the first plan, you are promised free voice call at the rate of Rs.149 for 28 days . The truth is, you have anyway been paying the same amount to other telecom companies all this while.

03. When Rs.150 plan seem way too small, you’d have no choice but to move to Rs.500 plan. And if you want to use a little more than 4GB, you’d have no choice but to jump at Rs.999.

04. They have 28 days plan and not 30 days.  If we divide the number of days in a year with 28, we will realize that we are paying for 13 ‘billable months’ in a year (365/28=13.03).

Per GB cost is way screwed up

Although the plans look luring, if you do the maths, you’ll realize how Jio is extracting much more than they’re offering.

0.3GB for Rs149 = ~Rs 497/GB (Will anyone choose this for data?)
4GB for Rs 499 = ~Rs 125/GB
10GB for Rs 999= ~Rs 100/GB
20GB for Rs 1499= ~Rs75/GB
35GB for Rs 2499= ~Rs71/GB
60GB for Rs3999= ~Rs66/GB
75GB for Rs 4999= ~Rs66/GB

They have advertised Rs.50/GB as their offering. However. even their highest plan doesn’t offer that.

They are making profits on Unlimited Plans

Jio currently has the ability to provide truly unlimited data plans, but instead they have just decreased their prices.

The thing is, once you have a nationwide fiber network capable of handling 5G and 6G bandwidth it literally costs you nothing. Other companies have limited bandwidth, so they have to pay other companies which is why, they cannot offer unlimited data plans.



But not Jio. Jio is simply making profits by earning from the margins. And of course, a compassionate image to be a pioneer in providing India low-cost internet.


04. It’s not really a deal to give free voice calls now

As the thread quotes, ”Jio has an all-IP network, so all voice calls will go through the internet just like skype or whatsapp. There is not really any point in charging for voice anymore. It is an outdated system and there shouldn’t really be any surprise in why Jio totally abandoned it.”

So, the crux is Ambanis have tricked you to shell out at least Rs.500 for any 4G plan you choose. And all this with such brilliant marketing strategy that all you have for them are praises.

For more insight, read the thread here.


Featured Image Source: Quint

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