Alia Talks About The Secret Behind Her Shandaar Weight Loss

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1:01 pm 1 Oct, 2015

Remember the SOTY days and her chubby smile?
And Highway? Where we just couldn’t stop raving, “How cute!”

Alia was undeniably tinsel town’s adorable girl!

But get over that guys!
Look how our Alia has gone all hot and stunning in her Shandaar stint in a bikini leaving all the fellas out there wondering about her secret.

And this what Alia revealed in a recent interview, “Yes, I have lost weight. As a matter of fact, some people are even saying that I have lost too much, so I am getting a little worried now I feel this is all a result of my detoxification spree. Plus, I have also been working out and training really hard. But I guess it’s good since clothes look better on me now.”


As we guessed, all good things come with some badass hard work!
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