Alia Bhatt Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Prefer To Talk About Siddharth Malhotra

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10:38 am 3 Aug, 2016

The youngest and the chirpiest member of the film fraternity who’s otherwise quite honest and bold, gets into incognito mode whenever she’s purged about her rumoured boyfriend Siddharth Malhotra.

This time, Alia Bhatt has come out to explain why not only she but all Bollywood actresses shy away from talking about their love lives.

In a recent interview, when Alia was quizzed on the tendency of the country to ape the West in general and still having reservations while talking openly about love, she said:

“Here, girls having multiple boyfriends is still a huge-ass deal and something that is frowned upon. I mean, look at Taylor Swift. She’s dated, like, everybody. But if she was here, she’d be totally shamed for making those choices. Her image and appeal would be very different. The reason actresses don’t talk about their private lives is because in our society there is a lot of slut-shaming. Eventually, I have a responsibility and I have to protect myself.”


And so she confesses that she’d rather let the rumours speak than herself because speculations are commonplace for celebrities but as long as it’s not coming from the horse’s mouth, you’re quite safe.”

She added:

“What if tomorrow I am not in love with him and feel differently about it? Then what? It’s not written in stone, is it? And I don’t want to be in a position where they come after me because I broke up with a dude. “Oh, aapka break-up ho gaya, ab agla kaun? Who’s next?” This shallow and stupid thinking is just the reality of our society which doesn’t allow women to be the way they’d like to be — free and independent.”


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