Older And Wiser Alia Bhatt Shells Out Zindagi Hacks To Her Fans In This Twitter Q&A

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7:40 pm 11 Nov, 2016

While publicly she’s often made fun (and memes) of, the industry has often called Alia Bhatt a wise, intelligent confidante and friend. For the promotion of her upcoming movie, ”Dear Zindagi”, Alia promised to crack her fans’ life problems with her #Zindagihacks.




Seems like lessons from SRK are working because the answers she gave in this Live Q&A on Twitter had her fans quite impressed.

Here, watch Alia give totally uncomplicated answers to these tough, life-cracking questions:

Twitter asks: How to keep mind focussed?
Alia: Love what you do!



Twitter asks: What are we suppose to do when we have bad moods?
Alia: Live it so that you can enjoy good moods!



Twitter asks: How to make right decisions in life?
Alia: Learn from your mistakes!


Twitter asks: Is it better to face people with their mistakes or act like nothing happened?
Alia: Put forward your feelings.


Twitter asks: How to forget someone?
Alia: You can’t. Cherish it and move forward.


Twitter asks: How to get motivated when depressed?
Alia: Talk it out.


Twitter asks: What to do when you want to slap someone but have to control it?
Alia: Scream into a pillow!


Twitter asks: What is worse, never trying or failing?
Alia: Never trying!


Twitter asks: What would you do today if there’s no tomorrow?
Alia: Spend more time with my loved ones.


Twitter asks: How to keep someone smiling?
Alia: Let them be themselves.


Twitter asks: How can I love zindagi like you do?
Alia: Love it for your reasons, not my reasons.


Twitter asks: How to handle someone over smart smartly?
Alia: Tough one.

Twitter asks: How to keep someone loving you?
Alia: You can’t!

Twitter asks: How to keep calm while working if things are irritating you?

Alia: Let it but tell yourself that you need to give 100% to your work.


Twitter asks: How to fall in love without getting disappointed?
Alia: No cheat sheet for love!

Twitter asks: Someone proposes you, how do you react?
Alia: If you love them, yes. If you you don’t, run!


Twitter asks: How to avoid negativity?
Alia: Avoid external negativity by eradicating negativity internally.


Twitter asks: How to cheer someone when they are having a bad day?
Alia: Just listen to them vent out!


Twitter asks: Smile is the best answer for every question and situation..is it so?
Alia: But tears are also important!



Twitter asks: How to overcome fears?
Alia: Face it!


Twitter asks: How to face criticism?
Alia: With open arms.


Twitter asks: DO you run away from your problems?
Alia: Of course. But its important to come back.



And so that was our new Bollywood agony aunt!

”Dear Zindagi” release November 25. Isn’t the anticipation already budding?

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