Alia Bhatt Is Telling All You Girls Why Her Life Is Noway Easier Than Yours

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10:21 pm 19 Nov, 2016

Alia Bhatt is 23 – young, pretty and successful. In general, when we girls of our age see her, we label her as ”born with a golden spoon”. Why’d Alia Bhatt have any reason to be sad, angry or irritated? Doesn’t she have it? And there, sarcastically we add “much more than she deserves!”.

In this latest video by BLUSH, Alia comes out clean confessing how tabloid headlines about her not just affects her but also makes her one of us who has to fight with things life throw at her. In spite of all that, she has not just learned to cope up with it but also love herself more and more in the process.

Watch it here:

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