Al Jazeera Has A BBC Moment: Five-Year-Old Child Crashes Dad’s Live Interview

6:38 pm 13 Jan, 2018

It seems like children crashing dad’s live interview on television has become a common sight today. Last year, East Asian political expert Robert E Kelly’s very serious interview to BBC was video-bombed by his adorable children, who innocently just walked into the room dancing while he was on live TV discussing the South Korea impeachment scandal via Skype. The video has turned to become one of the most viral and loved ones in 2017.


In the same way, another child crashed a Skype interview on live television when the adorable son of a film historian stole the show during a recent segment on Al-Jazeera English.

Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman was interviewing Daniel Smith-Rowsey, adjunct professor and film historian at St. Mary’s College of California, about the Golden Globes when an unexpected guest joined.


Screengrab of Daniel Smith-Rowsey’s son interrupting him while he was on Live TV with Al Jazeera

The news organisation tweeted the adorable video of the interview and called it their ‘BBC moment’. The video shows Sohail Rahman interviewing Daniel Smith-Rowsey when Daniel’s son popped up from behind him and decided to become part of the interview at the family’s home in Berkeley.



“Umm, that’s my child, excuse me,” Smith-Rowsey said smiling at the news anchor on the other end. Despite the professor’s efforts to gently nudge his son to the side, the young boy came back, smiling. But the TV host took it all in stride and said “We’re quite happy to have youngsters on the program, too”.

While Smith-Rowsey spoke about the history of political statements at awards shows, his son entertained himself by running a toy car on his father’s shoulder. The toddler even weighed in, responding with an emphatic “yes” when his father asked if he agreed with the topic of conversation.

And when the interview came to a close, the news anchor thanks Daniel for joining him from Berkeley. And, interestingly, in the background, the boy, with his head on Smith-Rowsey’s shoulder, signed off with a wave saying bye to the host.

Watch the adorable video of the interview below:

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