In The Midst Of All Chaos, Akshay Kumar Makes A Valid Point On Indian Army And Uri Attacks

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6:20 pm 6 Oct, 2016

There have been many celebrities voicing their opinion on Uri attacks by Pakistani terrorists, surgical attacks by the Indian army and the following ban on Pakistani artists in Bollywood MNS seek of. Some support it, some condemn it – but none of them came forward to speak about Uri martyrs the way Akshay Kumar has. Akshay, who is a son of an army man, recently uploaded a video on Twitter to not choose any one side on these raging controversies, but to simply point out the direction we all have been missing on.

Watch the video here:


And isn’t he right? We have been so busy in contemplating the truth and choosing the best dialougues for our social media banter that we simply ignored the plight of the families of these martyrs. Really, do the mother or the orphans of a martyr in Uri attacks care about Fawad Khan starring in a Bollywood movie? I don’t think so.

Hats off, Akshay!

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