Hindu Outfit Observed Republic Day As ‘Black Day’

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6:58 pm 27 Jan, 2016

While the whole country was celebrating Republic Day with pomp and gaiety, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha observed January 26 as “black day” and took oath to make India a “Hindu Rashtra.”

Hundreds of the activists of the group waved black flags on the streets of  Meerut on the occasion of Republic Day.

Pandit Ashok Sharma, national Vice President of the Hindutva body, has been organising a protest against the Constitution of India since last five decades quite religiously.

Expressing his views, he is categorical that he doesn’t believe in the Constitution of India.

Sharma said that the purpose of his life and the lakhs of people who believe in his ideology in the country, is to make this country a “Hindu Rashtra.”

He said that nobody can stop this country from becoming a “Hindu Rashtra.”

“This is the 51st year I, as an obedient solider of Hindu Mahasabha, have shown black flag to the idea of secular India and the Constitution which declares this nation to be secular,” he said.

Sharma came in media glare last year for coming up with the idea of temple for Nathuruam Godse , the man who had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

He had paid homage to Godse the “martyr” who “wanted to save India from Gandhi and his proposal of partition.”


Bharat Rajput, another member of Hindu Mahasabha, who been actively involved in taking up Hindutva cases questioned: “When the partition of India happened, Pakistan became ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan.’ So, why was India not declared to be a ‘Hindu Rashtra?”

Rajput called leaders like Gandhi and Nehru anti-Hindu and criticized them for declaring India as a secular country. He said that his group wants to correct the historical mistakes which these people forced on them.

Hindu Mahasbha volunteers also sent a memorandum to the President, like they have been doing since last fifty years, demanding India to be declared a Hindu state.

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