Aircel’s Rs 2.5 Lakh Lifeboat Went Missing And We Wondered How ‘C.I.D’ Would Inspect It

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10:25 pm 26 Jul, 2016

Nowadays, advertising is more important than the product. The way in which one sells a product entirely defines its reach. With neck-to-neck competition in every aspect of the business world, one needs to come up with a unique idea that grabs everyone’s attention at one go.

Aircel, a mobile network giant, had put up a crazy hoarding with a lifeboat on it. It indirectly promoted safety and also made everyone wholly aware about Aircel at the same time.



At some places, during heavy rainfalls, the lifeboat is a useful option to ensure safety:



But not everywhere are people the same. If a lifeboat worth Rs 2.5 lakh is hanging freely with mere ropes holding it, then who wouldn’t want to steal it?



Gayab. This mishap happened in Guwahati.

I ask Aircel, “If you had planned to waste so much money on the hoarding, then why not keep a watchman to guard it?”

Meanwhile, as the police department is looking for the culprit, I thought how would ‘C.I.D’ try to solve this case. Obviously, in a funny way.

Starting with ACP Pradyuman:



Daya has a mind of his own:



Abhijeet missing Dr. Salunke. As always:



And finally, Freddy’s bouncer:



Koi saboot mila, C.I.D?

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