This Is Why Air India Was Forced To Withdraw Their In-Flight Magazine ‘Subah Yatra’

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8:41 pm 29 Oct, 2016

India’s national carrier Air India on October 29 was forced to withdraw their in-flight magazine “Subah Yatra” after a series complaints started coming online about an article that was published in the magazine.

The article was about Puri’s Jagannath Temple, where they had falsely claimed that non-vegetarian prasad was being cooked and served.


The article, which was titled “Devotion can be delicious” claimed.

“Said to be the largest in the country, the Jagannath Temple’s kitchen in Puri since its inception has had an army of 500 cooks and 300 helpers to serve 100,000 people every day, round the clock, which means almost 285 varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes every day….”

While the word was used just once, it was enough to draw sharp reactions from various quarters of India.

Many even sent angry tweets to Air India and Shubh Yatra Twitter handles accusing them about their claims about “non-veg bhoga”.


The Controversial Article. Twitter

The Controversial Article. Twitter

Thus, on October 29, Air India, regretting the same, sent out a tweet apologizing for their mistake and said that they will no longer publish any articles by this author.

The article had appeared in the October issue of the monthly magazine and has now been withdrawn.

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