AIB’s New Trailer Is Out And No, It’s NOT a ROAST!

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6:33 pm 15 Sep, 2015

AIB’s last project “The Roast” was quite a controversial one. So this time, they are making sure their new venture is anything but a ROAST. Guess the channel? Well, yes. It’s our very own “Star Parivaar” welcoming them!
As told to, AIB says they have no idea why anyone in their right minds would ask them to inflict views on unsuspecting audience. “We live in such a perfect country where everything is amazing and where the maddening, infuriating and often silly state of affairs is not a comedic goldmine, so why would you have us do news comedy? But we’re doing this because we want to see what it’s like to be on a show that requires us to put on pants,” they added.

It will be quite an interesting watch to catch AIB presenting a news comedy show, that too on a national television! It’s suggestive to be on the lines of John Oliver or Stewart. It will be a 10-episode series launching from October 10.

Well, we just can’t wait for October!

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