Looters Looted: Agra Villagers Caught and Robbed Thieves

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5:40 pm 21 Dec, 2015

The news about robbers looting a place or a man has become a common day occurrence for everyone. But in a bizarre case in Agra, two notorious criminals were looted by the villagers.

The incidence occurred in Khallaua village of Malpura, UP, where police control room received a call this past Sunday about local villagers having nabbed two thieves.

New Indian Express Representational Image

New Indian Express Representational Image

When police reached the spot, they were happy to find that one of the two caught thieves was a wanted criminal Netrapal Singh, who was known to be involved in many cases of robbery, and also worked as part of a gang of thieves.

The cops were happy to have finally caught Singh, but their happiness didn’t last for long when upon interrogating they found out that the villagers besides beating the thieves have stolen their loot.  The villagers even took their weapons before calling in the police.

Representational Video

Representational Video

When police arrived at the scene, they had found that Singh along with his partner had been thrashed. The police took them into custody with both the thieves repeatedly protesting that they were the victims this time.

The cops soon realised that the thieves were telling the truth and had been looted off several lakhs of rupees.

The story of these thieves getting caught is also interesting. Earlier that day, Nethrapal and three others looted a man named Vijay Singh and took away his wallet containing Rs 1,200.

When they had looted Singh, the victim chased the robbers till the Malpura highway where the bike of the robbers slipped and the villagers nabbed the two thieves.

Representational Video

Representational Video

Recalling the event, an eye witness Brijesh Singh said:

“The robbers were on two bikes -one bike slipped and before they could get up and make off, Vijay Singh shouted to the villagers to nab them. The two on the bike that slipped were caught and given a sound thrashing. The other two sped away.”

On interrogating the thieves, cops found out that besides the money, the villagers had also taken away three revolvers and a laptop.

Upon their return, the policemen pleaded the villagers to return the money and the stolen items. They initially refused but later returned Rs 49,000 and one of the three revolvers and a laptop.

It was later found that the other criminal nabbed along with Netrapal Singh is Bunty, who also has a criminal history.

Talking about the arrest Jai Karan Singh, SHO Malpura, said:

“They are both men with a history of crime. We have handed back the Rs 49,000, laptop and revolver to the man they had looted.”

The police also believe that the rest of the money was most likely carried away by the two men who fled.

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