Agra GRP Finds A New Unique Way To Punish Tardiness; Get Them To Clean The HQ

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10:36 am 2 Jan, 2016

The Government Railway Police (GRP) of Agra have come up with a unique way to punish their staff for tardiness.

Anyone who comes late for work at the Agra GRP, is expected to clean up the whole office premises.



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The new way of punishment has been so successful for the Railway Police, that their Agra GRP headquarters has become one of the cleanest and greenest offices in Uttar Pradesh.


According to the office records maintained by the GRP office, in 2015 as many as  149 people, who were mainly constables, were awarded this punishment.

To make matters fair, the office also keeps jury on disciplinary matters and only after unsatisfactory explanation for coming late are they given this punishment.


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The records also show that at least 200 members of the staff are under warning for their tardiness and if they arrive late one more time, they would have to clean the office premises.

Earlier too, the Agra GRP earlier had set up a punishment for those who use to come late for work.

The staff, were told to jog in circles around the office premises carrying two guns over their heads, for one hour, three times a day.


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The punishment was then changed to above after senior superintendent of police, GRP, Gopesnath Khanna thought that a punishment where results were visible should be awarded. He said:

“Instead of awarding the regular punishment, the jury thought of involving the late-comers in social and team work. The effects are visible. The office now has a new look. Besides, the staff has also got more disciplined.”

Besides punishing the late comers, Agra GRP also punishes those who remain absent from work without the necessary permission; those who are negligent at work and those who are found drinking alcohol while at work in the similar manner.

With the experiment being a huge success in 2015, it was decided that it would continue in 2016 as well.


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There are about 750 people in the Agra division of GRP, and it is spread across Etawah, Aligarh, Farrukahabad, and various other stations of Agra.

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