15 Things That Happen To You When You Start Earning

10:00 am 23 Jul, 2015

Do you have a list of things you wanna buy when you start earning? Everybody does! You become independent once you start earning. With money comes responsibilities and however you can also enjoy and party the way you want. So here’re 15 things that happen to you when you start earning.

1. “Party de” is a common phrase you hear from all your friends, even if you have just become friends!


2. A certain responsibility of handling money comes upon you.


3. You find the need to keep saving to buy something bigger and better, and the thing you had been wishing for since years.


4. Sometimes you are in dilemma whether to get new shoes or to save?!


5. Indian mother’s always have to brag about their kid’s first salary.


6. Sometimes you splurge your money on ridiculous things!


7. If you don’t have one already, you are sure to finally open your own bank account.


8. You have your own list of things you always wanted to buy but were hesitant to ask money for it from your parents.


9. You will finally leave McDonald’s and try out other restaurants and eateries without hesitation.


10. “Paisa wala ho gaya tu” is what almost all your friends come and tell you.


11. You will now do more of real shopping rather than window shopping.


12. You are the new family Santa as you are excited to gift your near and dear ones with your own money.


13. You have a list of places you wanna travel to with your friends. You plan road trips and travel more often now as you can fund your own travel expenses!


14. You develop a craze for the latest gadgets in the market and make sure you have them.


15. Dates and treats are no more a problem until it’s the month end!


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