15 Rare Photos That Show The Adventurous Life Of A Mangolian Tribe

‘Animals speak to those who want to listen to them’. This is true for the Dukha people of Northern Mongolia who share a fascinating connection with the region’s animals and landscape.

Sardar-Afkhami, who holds PhD in Sanskrit and Tibetan studies from Harvard, spent 10 years of his life documenting the life of the Dukha people. His pictures will make you believe the intimate relationship they have with their ferocious pets.






The life of Dukha people will surely remind you of  ‘A Game Of Thrones’.





They have a life in which they herd and ride reindeer, train wolves, and teach golden eagles to hunt for their clan.





At present, only about 44 Dukha families remain, which amounts to about 200-400 people.

Even the reindeer have diminished in population, with only about 600 currently living.






They not only use animals as hunting steeds and use their milk to make cheese, they procure an extra income through tourism by offering reindeer rides, crafts and performances to travelers. The Dukha people also hunt rabbits with the assistance of their highly-trained wolves and golden eagles, which they are able to trade for about $2 (USD). Wild elk and boar are also hunted by the tribe.


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One needs a lot in spirit and in health to show for such efforts.






Have you ever imagined living a life full of such adventures?



Credit: Interesting Things Daily


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