9 Reasons To Adopt An Indian Dog

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3:00 pm 21 Jan, 2015

1. Born this way

Indian dogs are used to the Indian climate and don’t require too much upkeep to survive our weather.

2. Inbreeding disaster

Most of the breed dogs are inbred by dog breeders so they develop certain medical conditions, while our strays remain hardy.

3. Best things in life are free

There are so many puppies all over our colonies and streets who could really use your love, so why buy one?

4. The choice of kings

Before all foreign breeds of dogs were imported to India, Indian dogs were the proud companions of rajas and maharajas, many of whom were known to pamper their pooches.

5. Unscrupulous breeders

Lots of unscrupulous breeders keep dogs in pathetic conditions and kill them or leave them in the wild once their usefulness is over.

6. Made in India

While you might think foreign breeds are more posh, Indian dogs are desi…just like you. So show some love to your local dogs.

7. Savior or consumer?

You could easily go out and spend some money on a dog, but if you’re an animal lover, wouldn’t you prefer to save a dog who could otherwise end up dying on the streets?

8. All round asset

Since Indian dogs are used to surviving on their own, they’re low maintenance. Additionally, they’re great guard dogs and clever companions.

9. Love don’t cost a thing

Dogs are loving and loyal; that’s just who they are. If you want the love and loyalty of a dog, you really don’t need to spend any money.

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