Meet Aditya Tiwari, The Youngest Bachelor To Adopt A Child With Special Needs In India

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10:29 am 4 Jan, 2016

The start of 2016 has brought joy for Indore-based Aditya Tiwari, as he was finally handed over one-and-a-half-year old Binney for adoption.

Tiwari, 28, who has been fighting to adopt Binney for over a year now, is reportedly the youngest single parent in the country to have adopted a child with special needs.


Binney, is suffering from Down’s syndrome and Tiwari has been fighting to adopt him since September 2014.


Times of India

Times of India  – Aditya with Avinish on January 1

Fighting to adopt a child who is suffering from a genetic disorder and has a hole in his heart, Tiwari has been in a tussle with the authorities who followed old norms that didn’t allow a single parent below the age 30 to adopt.

Tiwari, who works for an MNC in Pune, after one and half years of rigorous fight, was finally able to adopt Binney, after adoption rules were changed from August 1 last year.

According to new rules, the age for adoption was brought down from 30 to 25, but even after the rules were changed there was a delay of five months due to various ‘formalities’.

Finally getting the child’s custody on January 1, 2016, Tiwari was beaming with joy and renamed Binney as Avinish Tiwari and took him to his Pune home.



A proud friend, Vishal Khandelwal, who had accompanied Tiwari all the way from Indore, said:

“Aditya has made us proud. This is a noble initiative and more people should come forward for such good cause.”

Aditya, also took the time to thank Union minster for Women and Child Development (WCD) Maneka Gandhi, who he said had visited the Matrachhaya child centre on August 27 and had instructed the authorities to hand over Binney to him within a week.

He had been requesting the minister to look into his matter for months via his Twitter page.



Though, despite all the push, it had taken the authorities five months to hand over Binney to Aditya, he was still glad for all the help and requested the process should be made hassle-free.

“Even after constant support and guidance from central and state WCD and Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and State Adoption Resource Authority (SARA) officials, the adoption agency did not proactively support my case. This will deter single parents like me from adopting children who need a home, unless the adoption agencies facilitate hassle-free adoptions,” he said.

Bhopal based Matrachhaya, is a child shelter for abandoned and homeless kids which was established in 1997 by volunteer organization ‘Seva Bharti’.


Dhiraj Khatri

Dhiraj Khatri  – Child waiting for adoption at Matrachhaya

When Aditya initially approached them on September 8 and 9, he was subjected to several ‘unnecessary’ questions like how he would get married if he adopted this ‘special child’.



Prior to that his home study report had been completed by August 11, with Binney linked to him on August 31.

The adoption agency was then supposed to hand over Binney to him within 7 working days but that didn’t happen.

When Aditya met them on September 8 and 9 for a meeting, where the above bizzare question were asked, he didn’t hear from them thereafter for nearly a month.

Finally on October 5, he was told by Matrachhaya to submit a second HSR of Pune which was his current place of stay and the process for that was completed on October 15 when his application was forwarded to Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) by October 30.

It was only after district collector Nishant Warwade, wrote to Matrachhaya on December 12 asking the reason behind the delay that the final procedures started.

When joint secretary of Matrachhaya, Amita Singh, was questioned about the delay in November, she had denied there being any hold up and said:

“There is no delay. We are processing the adoption request as per norms and proper system. These matters are sensitive and therefore take time. Once the committee is assured of the child’s wellbeing, the adoption will be finalized and if not the committee can also reject the adoption.”

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