11 Things Guys Should Do Before, During And After A Date

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5:00 pm 1 Aug, 2015

Admit it. In India, dating is so misunderstood. Every person has his own definition of dating and they are free to follow it. But is dating all about getting romantic? I think no. Dating is all about knowing each other, breaking into each other’s personality and figuring out your compatibility. Honestly, everyone seems to be interesting for the first time but that doesn’t mean that you two will end up as great couple.

If you’re going on a date, treat it like an actual date. Here are a few things that show you are actually dating.

1. Accept that it is very normal to be nervous.

If you are too calm and composed, it shows that you are not taking your date seriously. It is good to be nervous because that nervous energy will make your date interesting.


2. Take your time but dress well.

On a date, everything matters. You have no choice; you have to look great. It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend shopping for that ideal dress because whatever you wear will speak for you.


3. Can I pick you up? Even though she says “No”, you should.

That simply shows how much you care for her. And believe me the best moments of the date will start right away talking to her while driving.


4. Don’t forget the flowers. Just don’t!

You may not look like Brad Pitt but you can treat a woman like Brad Pitt does. Greeting her with beautiful flowers will hint her that you are actually trying hard to win her heart.


5. Asking her out for a dinner is the perfect definition of a  “Real Date”.

Movies on a date is a big “No” because you will waste three hours watching just another love story while your own love story is on hold.


6. If you don’t talk about love, then you murdered the purpose of the date.

Always remember she is also interested in your personal life but she will never make it look that way.


7. No “chaar bottle vodka” please!

Drinking alcohol doesn’t make you look interesting or label you as an “ideal” one. One or two drinks is fine just to loosen up a little but drinking too much will just make you look like a fool.


8. The guy is supposed to pick up the tab.

Yeah! There is a 50-50 rule but on a first date, she really expects you to pick up the tab.


9. A romantic walk after a dinner is a must.

A date is supposed to be romantic. A small walk after a nice dinner is the right way to set things on fire. Who knows your small walk might end with a great kiss.


10. First date is not a sexual date.

Dropping off your pants after that kiss is not the right idea. This will not only destroy your so-far-dream-date but will also make her believe that you are dating her just for sex.


11. Send her a beautiful text after a romantic date and call her the very next day.

Yeah! you got her number but don’t follow Barney’s three-day-waiting-rule. Remember, she is desperately waiting for your call. You never know after three days the romantic spark in her might just die.


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