16 Actors And Their Professions According To Their Onscreen Performance

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10:00 am 25 Jul, 2015

You cannot possibly think of any other profession for Amjad Khan than that of a dacoit. He played the character of Gabbar to such perfection that no one in the industry before or after him has been able to essay such a role any better. Imagine if these 16 Bollywood actors chose a profession based on how good they look in a particular on-screen character or looks.

1. Tushaar Kapoor as watchman.

A perfect gatekeeper because his best performances have been in films where he is silent.


tusar kapoor


2. Nana Patekar as politician.

We would love watching Nana Patekar as a real-life politician because what fascinate are his ruthless dialogues and endless monologues. Plus…


3. Sushant Singh Rajput as private detective.

If you have seen Byomkesh Bakshi film, I’m sure you would predict what we would love Sushant Sigh Rajput to be a private detective since he made us feel brains. Also, he one of the rare actors with powerful educational qualification.


4. Tiger Shroff as body-builder.

The younger Shroff is known for his perfectly toned body and remarkable cheekbones. So we would pick the profession of a body-builder and we are sure he would earn more than his acting career.


5. Govinda as a choreographer.

That is what he wanted to be in real life. He created a unique ‘rowdy’ genre of dance in Bollywood and, so, he would succeed as a choreographer too!


6. Salman Khan as a social worker.

Bhai ka dil aur Bhai ka daan dono hi bada hai. Yes, we would love it if bhaijaan works as a social worker.


7. Akshay Kumar as martial arts instructor.

From a waiter to a successful actor, Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia aka Akshay Kumar has done it all. His action packed performance in all his films make him the perfect martial arts instructor.


8. Shah Rukh Khan as a hockey coach.

He can be a coach of romance but that can’t earn him his bread! What we loved the most is his dedication and the way he inspired the girls in ‘Chak De India’. We would decide on a hockey team coach for him.


9. Irrfan Khan as underworld don.

The multi-talented personality, Irrfan Khan, has always shone brightly in darker roles, and he could have become a shining star of the underworld if he wanted to. (But we are happy that he is an actor.)


10. Madhavan as a Doctor.

All praises for Madhavan in his must watch movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and we could not think of anything else than a good Doctor for his off-screen profession. Do you remember, Dr. Sharmaji ?


11. Ranbir Kapoor as a photographer.

Chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor is an easy going man with good sense of humour. A qualified photographer would probably be his best role off-screen.


12. Aamir Khan as teacher.

‘Mr. Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan can be an inspirational figure in the teaching world, so we single out teaching as his profession.


13. Boman Irani as principal of engineering college.

It is his role in ‘3 Idiots’ which suites him best. He can be a ruthless brutal lecturer in engineering college.


Boman Irani


14. Ajay Devgan as a police inspector.

Devgan speaks through his mind-boggling performance every time. Nothing more like a police inspector would suit him more in his actual life.


15. Saif Ali Khan as a car racer.

We still remember his blazing performance in ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’, ‘Race’ and ‘Race 2’.


16. John Abraham as a footballer.

He is one of the owners of Indian Super League football team NorthEast United FC. He has played the role of a footballer himself. He has a fit and athletic body. Any more reasons?


So, were we able to justify these actors according to their on screen performance? We hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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