Intolerant India? A Person Was Abused For Reading Urdu Booklet

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4:51 pm 24 Feb, 2016

Many of us have a habit of reading while travelling in the metro. But, a recent incident in which a person was abused for a reading a book, poses serious questions about growing communalism in our country.

In what can be termed as an eye-opener for all of us and especially, the government, a person was called ‘haraami’ for reading an Urdu booklet of the recently concluded Jashn-e-Rekhta.

Also, the person was told go to Pakistan.

Semya, an entrepreneur, shared about the incident on social media on behalf of her friend.

She posted:



The post went viral and social media users slammed the incident.






Unfortunately, there were some users who supported that behaviour.







The incident, however, makes us ponder what kind of country are we building? Since when reading a book in Urdu made one Pakistani?




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