This Guy Silences Every Social Media ‘Deskbhakt’ Who Is Trying To Boycott ‘Dilwale’

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8:05 pm 21 Dec, 2015

Enough is enough. We are fed up of these stupid twitter wars, social media mocking and intolerant boycotting of movies. So, how do we stop this raging sh*t?

A guy named Abhishek Mishra has a powerful message for everyone.

He starts by saying that there are a few people who lit the fire of negativity on social media platforms and this misconceived spark create divide and unnecessary protests. So, we must not take the negative opinions so seriously.



Because who are these people?

These are just a bunch of idiots who have nothing but an opinion without logic. They are just sitting jobless, with an aim to change the nation. Boycotting ‘Dilwale’ won’t change a thing.

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Before you leave the article, watch the full video, his practical opinions might actually change your mind:

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